Ken & Teresa Ripper's Ancestors and Family




Bermondsey Official Guide

In 1960 Bermondsey Borough Council commissioned the latest, and possibly the last, official guide to the Borough. Click on the image below to read the guide.



St Olave’s Fete 1896

The father of a lifelong friend liberated this from Butler’s Wharf when he left there in the 1970s. The first document is dated and is the flier for the event. The second document seems to be the programme for the same event. Click on the two images to read them.

stolaveflier.JPG stolaveprog.JPG


Whiffs & Pongs

The London Bubble Theatre Company ran a workshop on the smells of Bermondsey & Rotherhithe which I attended. They asked for a personal report on what that workshop meant to me, and others in the workshop. My response is shown here.



Port of London Authority

View a 1969 map of the Port of London by clicking on the image below.



Mint Street Workhouse, Southwark

1870s report on conditions in the Mint Street, Workhouse