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When and Where

The Bullions family have used the variants of Bullion and de Bullions, both of which remain in current usage. Most of the family members who use the de Bullions variant are descended from George Henry de Bullions who was born in 1848 in Millwall, London.


The earliest known family members were living in Perthshire in Scotland in the mid 1700s. They lived primarily in villages such as Methven, to the west of the city of Perth. The marriage of William Bullions to Janet Howie in 1730 at St Martin’s in Perthshire (pictured) is the earliest known family event.


John William Bullions who was born in 1836 had 15 children. Some of his descendants have emigrated to Australia.

St Martin's Church in Perthshire

St Martin’s Perthshire


The family line which has been researched to date are those who migrated to London in early Victorian times and settled in East and South East London, initially in Millwall and later in Lambeth, Deptford, Bermondsey and Poplar. There are 720 people listed on this Bullions family tree.



Associated Families

During our research into the Bullions family we have encountered other families with which our own family has an association. These connections are usually as a result of a marriage by a member of the family. On occasions it has been necessary to research into these families more than we had expected to do so that we can better understand our own. The families in which we have some additional information are:

·          Lee and Leggett. Eric Leggett of Sidney, Australia is descended from Samuel Lee who married Jessica Bullions in 1884. Samuel and Jessica’s sixth child was Annie who married Ernest Leggett in 1927 in New South Wales. Eric has undertaken extensive research into these families. If you wish to communicate with Eric, please contact us and we can put you in touch.

·          Scroggs. Catherine Bullions married Henry Scroggs in 1861 in Shoreditch. They had 10 children.


Other non related families with the same surname

There is evidence of other Bullions families from the area around Methven and Moneydie in Perthshire, Scotland. To date there is no proven link between these families, nor indeed any link to our own. Whilst it is surely the case that they are indeed connected (families named Bullions evolving in the same Scottish valleys at the same time, all independent of one another, is exceedingly unlikely), the link between them still waits to be found.


Research into the following families has been undertaken by other people who have kindly shared their research with me. Contact us if you wish to know more about the families, add information or communicate with our contacts.


·          Andrew Bullians was born about 1725 in Moneydie in Perthshire, the son of Hendrie Bullians. Andrew’s descendants lived around Auchtergaven and Dunkeld. His grandson George, who was born in 1792, emigrated to New Zealand, as did his children. The family originally settled in South Island but are now to be found in North Island as well. Some of the family changed the name to Boleyn, apparently in the hope that its royal connections would advance their position in the emerging New Zealand society. This family has been extensively researched by Eric Collard of New Zealand and over 320 family members are known.

These people have been in contact with me in the past and their relationship with this branch is established (contact us if you wish to be put in touch):

Greg Boleyn

Gary Bullions

Eric Collard

Susi Nodding

·          James Bullions married Helen Wallace about 1790 and their son John Bullions was born in Monkton in Ayrshire in 1793. His descendants lived as miners in the Ayrshire coalfields and there is family in the area today.

These people have been in contact with me in the past and their relationship with this branch is established (contact us if you wish to be put in touch):

Elaine Ferguson

June Sunkel

·          A different James Bullions married Janet Bullions in 1794 in the area around Methven. Their descendants moved to Dunfermline and then to the area south of Sheffield in England.

These people have been in contact with me in the past and their relationship with this branch is established (contact us if you wish to be put in touch):

Warren Elkes

Mike Gow

·          A Janet Bullions married George Brown in Auchtergaven in 1829, from whom a well researched family is known to Alan Armitage. Janet’s sister, Mary Bullions, married Colin Ross in 1848, probably in Little Dunkeld in Perthshire. The parents of Janet and Mary have not yet been identified. Further research may yet reveal who the parents are but these two sisters could fit readily into all the Bullions families shown on this page.


There is evidence of a de Bullion(s) family in France which dates back beyond the 17th century. The family were aristocrats and had connections with the French royal court. No known proven connection between this family and our own has been evidenced, although there are many stories which abound in the family which maintain that such a connection exists.




We have been so fortunate to have found so many friends amongst our relatives who now spread across the world. Many have contributed to our knowledge of our families and we are most grateful to them all. Look at the collaboration page and you may see one of our contacts who is known to you, or one you may wish to get to know. We also have details of some families who are not related but of similar surnames.




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